Some of the most expensive yachts out there

Along with those amazingly hefty pay cheques, the one good thing about being a celebrity is that you get to acquire a number of totally ‘out of this world’ perks as well. This is one aspect that adds to the overall ‘advantage’ of being a celebrity – one that totally lures people into making efforts in this regard. Amongst the many different perks that celebrities get to enjoy, the one that is not just the most sought-after, but the most expensive too, is that of purchasing and owning a yacht. That’s right – although a few of us are fortunate enough to afford a nice boat or two, but shelling out money for the world’s most exclusive, and expensive yacht’s is simply out of the question for all of us. These are simply out of our reach even if we want to rent a yacht in Dubai. To be honest, not even every celebrity out there has the sort of money needed to own a yacht, and end up spending time all through the year over yachts that they rent or charter. But for those who can afford these, here’s a look into the world’s most expensive celebrity yachts:

  1. The Necker Belle – owned by Richard Branson – Cost: $18 Million

Richard Branson is already known to own a number of amazing items – inclusive of a private island and resort that is available on rent for those who can afford paying its over $50, 000 per night price tag. However, his yacht beats them all. The fact of the matter is that the yacht initially did not cost him all that money. No, he just purchased it for about $8 billion. However, he had It refurbished recently, which rose its worth to more than double of its actual price. Totally worth the price for The Necker Belle houses his submarine as well, and is believed to be the fastest, most unique in its class.

  1. Privacy – owned by Tiger Woods – Cost: $20 Million

When it comes to golf, there’s no beating Tiger Woods even with his unfortunate personal choices. If truth be told, talking about golf just cannot be complete without mentioning Tiger Woods. However, apart from golf, there’s a whole lot more to his life that is worthy of being talked about: his yacht for instance. The avid golfer named his yacht Privacy, and quite aptly so. His luxurious yacht is literally packed with some of the most upscale and high-end amenities available at the moment. Measuring around 155 feet, you will find during your yacht booking in Dubai that Privacy has the potential to accommodate more than a dozen guests at a time, and is largely considered as one of the most luxurious yachts around.

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