Top treatments provided by IVF clinics

The idea of a complete family for many couples includes at least one child in it. But, everyone is not blessed to conceive through a natural process like a majority of healthy couples. Good news is that infertility clinics in Dubai offer effective solutions to those who face fertility and conception issues. Fact of the matter is that in a number of infertility cases, both husband and wife have various health issues that cause difficulties for them to conceive. There are many studies and research work done on the infertility issues. According to most reliable studies, infertility problems are equal in ratio between males and females. Studies show there are many other factors that also play their role directly and indirectly in the fertility issues among couples.

Good fertility clinics have highly skilled and qualified specialists who possess solid experience in conducting effective reproductive procedures to treat infertility issues among couples. Doctors at a fertility clinic, suggest best possible procedure after conducting thorough tests and diagnosis for patients that face problem in conceiving a baby. Depending on the intensity of the health issues, doctors at a fertility clinic, offer a number of procedures from regular medicines to surgeries.

If qualified urologists at your fertility clinic will find that your fertility issues can be treated with medications so, they will recommend medicines for both husband and wife based on their test results to improve their fertility and stimulate various body conditions that play their role in successful conception. For males, medicines are suggested if they are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or issues with sperm quality. For females, medicines are used to produce more eggs that can effectively help increase their chances to conceive.

The couples who can not be treated with medications have to go through more complex procedures for successful conception. There can be many factors that can result as difficulties in conception by natural process. IVF and ICSI treatment in Dubai is are the best options for such couples for the successful conception. In IVF procedure healthy eggs and sperm is obtained from couples or by donor to produce embryos in the laboratory. In the next stage, healthy embryos are transferred into the uterus of the patient to implant and develop as fetus for successful conception. For the record, the ICSI procedure is used when male partner has infertility issues. In this procedure, healthy sperm is directly injected into the mature egg for successful conception.

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Reasons To Acquire Medical Insurance

The possibility of you being able to afford medical bills is there but there comes a time when frequent illnesses and other issues in your body may take a toll on your savings. For once, you might find that affording expensive medicine and treatment is beyond you. Upon finding that, what steps will you take to ensure you still get treatment in the city without going financially broke? Well, that’s a million-dollar question but there was no answer to it until recently. Now with the arrival of foreign reputable insurance companies in the country, affording medical insurance in UAE is no more something difficult. There can be a lot of reasons to hire an insurance company. You end up getting low premiums to pay along with very low if at all markup. In fact, there was a time when medical insurance was a lot more expensive than what it is today. With the arrival of more insurance companies in the town, the competition is all likely to rise even further which is something you need to look for. After all, having competition means you are likely to get prices of health insurance slashed. This is good news for all the patients and customers out there. Here is more on why should you look forward to buying health insurance sooner rather than later:

Better Rates

Ever heard the saying first come first serve? If so, then here is where you will get it in true essence. In fact, the medical insurance company you are likely to buy the policy from may also offer to you other products as well. Who knows, you might get an even better proposition than the one you were looking for initially. In such a case, your insurance company will likely leave no stone unturned in winning you as a customer. You should be prepared to bargain considering the situation too.


Different medical insurance plans will offer you different coverage. It is important that you ask about the coverage before taking the policy as it will help you in numerous ways. The policy you are about to take should be versatile, affordable and provide maximum coverage of various medical conditions.


Lastly, your policy should be available at this point in time and not something out of the vintage column. That way, your insurance company will be in a better position to offer you even better plans in the future.

Keep exploring your health insurance UAE options for as long as you don’t find some useful proposal.

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5 Habit & Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Today

As we get older, there are some habits that we acquire, either from your circle of friends or out of a routine. Some of these habits might be good for you, but most of them can be harmful for your well-being.

In order to shift to a happier and healthier lifestyle, it is necessary that you commit to change and try to start living healthy and take good care of yourself. If you are considering doing some serious lifestyle change, here are some things that you might want to start with:

  1. Change your eating habits

This is definitely one of the most common bad habit adults have today. Food abuse stems from the need to fulfill something, either mentally or psychologically. For instance, if you feel stress, you turn your attention to food. It is okay if it is an occasional thing. But if it persists, it can be detrimental to your health. Start eating right to live and feel healthy. Try to consult with a nutritionist in Abu Dhabi to know what kind of healthy diet would complement your lifestyle and your health condition.

  1. Change your perspective

When you are constantly doing the things you do, you leave little room for imagination and other perspective. Break out a little and try to see things in a different angle. For instance, breaking your work routine and doing tasks differently from your usual method can bring some positive change in your life. It might even surprise you.

  1. Start moving

If you are the type of person who see exercise as a chore, it is time to change that perspective. Working out is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle. It can help you stay fit and it can also do wonders for your mental health. If you feel overwhelmed by intense exercise routines, start with simple exercises like jogging and brisk walking. Do it with others so you can enjoy it more. If you feel that your body is too weak and uncoordinated to do exercises, going to experts in sports physiotherapy in Dubai might help you.

  1. Keep a gratitude list

Most of the time, we list down things and tasks we need to accomplish. This leaves you with little room to be thankful for what you have right now. Take some time to write good things that happened to you, no matter how small it is.

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5 Traits That Make An Excellent Cosmetic Surgeon

Finding an excellent cosmetic surgeon to help you improve your appearance is a tough job. Most of the time, people ask recommendations from friends and relatives. But if your closest circle are not able to give you names, the task of finding the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai can be twice as hard.


If you are having a hard time selecting from a number of cosmetic professionals from your list, look for these five traits that set apart an excellent plastic surgeon from the herd:


  • Medical and technical expertise


First and foremost, a qualified surgeon should have the skills and the talent to execute cosmetic treatments and procedures, depending on the case and need of the patient. He/she should have the technical expertise to perform surgeries with outstanding results. So when you are your potential cosmetic surgeon, be sure to take a look at his quality of work and what his/her past clients are saying about him/her. If possible, look for testimonials and before and after photos to see his/her body of work. Do not just take their word for it. Check their credentials thoroughly. Remember that you are putting your well-being in their hands, so it is a must that you will choose someone who is highly qualified for the job.


  • Wealth of experience


Longevity in the business and in the industry is a plus point. Most of the time, patients prefer to work with medical professionals who gained quite a number of experience in their respective field. This would mean that a lot of clients trusted his/her expertise and he/she was able to handle different cosmetic cases and what able to perform countless surgeries to hone his/her skills.


But do not discount the new ones. You just need to be more critical of checking their expertise when dealing with new plastic surgeons.


  • Provide a number of options


Sometimes, the answer to your treatment is not a surgical procedure but a non-invasive treatment. It would be best if the cosmetic professional you are dealing with can provide you a number of options for treatment. For example, if you are dealing with sagging facial skin, your doctor should present a number of treatment method starting from non-surgical facelift in Dubai         to facial surgery. Each treatment option should be presented with complete details, including the risks, costs, and recovery period. Providing options would help a patient weigh in what kind of treatment they are comfortable with.

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UAE healthcare industry

The United Arab Emirates has witnessed a lot of changes in the healthcare sector in the recent years, most of which have propelled it to the limelight in global health care. The country now has a healthcare city and is home to some of the most prominent clinics and hospitals in the world. It has fostered many initiatives including Dubai medical tourism.

The UAE has a multinational population being home to people of differing cultural, religious and educational backgrounds. This presents a challenge for the government in regards to introducing a healthcare system that can effectively care for their needs. Over time, both the public and private sectors have been very much involved in addressing the healthcare needs of the community.

The healthcare market has continued to evolve and the government has spent over 2.5 percent of the GDP on healthcare. It has also been making good healthcare investments to attract expatriates and GCC nationals. Traditionally, these people traveled abroad for their medical care.

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has also been developed as a free zone that provides international health providers a wide range of clinics, hospitals, specialized centers and even a medical training center.

Public hospitals have also seen efforts to be affiliated with renowned international healthcare providers. One commendable milestone has been the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic. The private sector has also been involved in investment towards the growth and development of the sector.

In general, the Dubai healthcare industry is doing well and could serve as an example for other nations that want to be global leaders in healthcare.

Dubai has a market-friendly business environment and is transparent and stable in its regulations. This contributes to efficiency in the workplace and is the major attraction for investors in its healthcare sector in addition to its wealth of healthcare professionals.

Dubai recently introduced a mandatory health insurance policy which will see the increase in the utilization of public and private facilities. This will also help in attracting investment, especially when coupled with the government’s support for the healthcare sector as evidenced by the establishment of the Healthcare City free zone.

The main strength of the UAE healthcare industry lies in its ability to adopt new ideas which make it fertile for tangible outcomes. As a country, it has demonstrated its ability to welcome innovation and to implement rather quickly.

Even though the population they seek to serve is multinational, it is also small enough to be able to be managed easily and yet not too small to hinder big results. It is not a surprise that it is able to build a wealth of databases.

According to one industry expert, Dubai is a place where closing the loop is possible in regards to capturing personal information in a detailed manner from birth. Individuals trust the government with their data because the government sponsors the lifetime cost of healthcare. This is one of the drivers of their successful health projects.

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