An Insight Into Armored Personnel Carriers

You may have seen in movies and news bulletins how militaries use armored personnel carriers to carry troops. They serve many purposes from troop movement to defending a post. In each case, the versatile armored personnel carriers are literally meant to save the day. As such, their popularity goes beyond boundaries and almost everyone be it a soldier or a common person, wants to own one. In other words, the armored personnel carriers are the ultimate multipurpose vehicles that can fight and defend equally well. Interestingly, some collectors also buy these vehicles as a part of expanding their collection. Here is more on why look at armored personnel carriers for sale in Dubai:


Armored personnel carriers are designed as fast moving, highly versatile vehicles. They are available in several different configurations as per user requirements. From militaries to law enforcement agencies, armored personnel carriers can be used in a variety of roles.




These versions are strictly designed for militaries. They can house different types of ammunition including anti-personnel machine guns to anti-aircraft guns. Some heavier APCs can also carry anti-armor weapons like anti-tank missiles, surface to air missiles and other offensive systems.


APCs are dynamic vehicles and have enough room to be upgraded, or downgraded as per user requirements. This feature allows them to be as guard vehicles. From basic bulletproofing to complete bomb blanket protection, your APC can add as much protection as you want. As such, customers can choose from several levels of protection and armoring available to them. Naturally, the more armor you seek, the higher the price you will have to pay.

Wheeled And Tracked

Depending upon the customer requirement, there are two categories of armored personnel carriers: Wheeled; and Tracked. A wheeled APC will ride faster on conventional roads but slow down on hilly and difficult to climb terrain. This is where tracked vehicles come into play. They will cross-higher terrain like hills with ease.


Also known as, mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, an MRAP is your best friend IED and mine-equipped areas. They will give you excellent protection against most types of explosive devices as they feature excellent ballistic protection and thick floor armor cover. MRAPS are a great asset to have to keep you and your companions protected.

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