Things You Need to Know About Film Protection

Every car’s paint starts to peel and crack at some stage. No matter how much you protect it, it will come off. One wonders is there any way to protect the paint for a long time? With car paint films now easily available, there is! Guess what, applying car paint film is neither difficult or expensive. However, if you are not a grease guy, chances are you might mess the paint film while applying it. Here is the deal, you should start to look to an expert service for car film protection Dubai. Below, you will find more info about car film protection:

Types of Car Film Protection

Though the method has been around for a while, it has become more famous lately. The versatility of this simple yet effective paint protection method cannot be denied. There are two types of car paint protection:

* Wet film

* Dry film

As the name suggests, the wet film requires you to wet your hands in an alcohol solution. This is important to protect your hands and car paint from the powerful adhesives of the film. If you didn’t, your hand marks will remain on the paint and will stay so until you give your car a new paint job or apply another film.

Applying the Film

It would be better if you hire a skillful car paint protection service for the job. They’ll do it the way you want it. In the first step, they’ll clean the car surface thoroughly and make sure no dust particles remain on the surface. Then, the expert will lay the film and liner. Afterwards the liner will be removed and the alcohol solution will be applied to the adhesive. The same solution will be applied to the car paint film.

Final Touches

Before the process is completed, the expert will level the film with a squeegee and ensure no bubbles remain in the surface. The process will be repeated to eliminate any bubbles entirely. Finally, the expert will wipe the surface of applied film with a soft cloth or mitt to remove excess liquid from the film. The film will be left to dry for at least 48 to 72 hours, after which it will be removed.

See your car’s shiny new paint and praise the car paint expert. To match the paint, you can also add window films Dubai to the vehicle.

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